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Unfortunately, it does not reset once I die...

Press 'R' to reset

i don't get this game unfortunately. There are 2 glitches, one is the instruction one, as the instructions doesn't appear. And the other glitch being the player disappearing. (Don't know if part of game). But I hope those 2 can be fixed!  

Yeah we failed to convey the core gameplay and story which is disappointing , but  here is the "HOW TO PLAY"

  1. 3 bullets 3 life. Shooting each bullet costs one life, so the last bullet you shoot is a sacrifice. 
  2. Aim at enemies and hit "space" to transfer life (Special Ability)

Keep Killing.

Hey I played all the games made for BYOG19 that had a windows build. Your game is one of them! Check it out :